Full House Remodel & Renovation

Project Description

Full house renovation and remodel that includes, front, side and 1st floor extension to accommodate a double height hallway, living kitchen, utility room and extra bedrooms.


Chellaston (near Weston on Trent) Derby, Derbyshire, DE73

Building cost

£130K including VAT, kitchen and finishes. Built in 2016

Before Photo Of House Chellaston DerbyFront Of A Architecturally Designed house 4 Chellaston Derby

5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Stuart and his excellent architectural skills re-designed our open-plan living home, which is now built. We are thrilled with the space and it’s perfectly designed for a young family. It works so well for us! Thanks.”

Mrs Smith, Chellaston, Derby. 5th January 2018


The homeowner and I completely re-designed the whole house from top to bottom. It now incorporates everything they wished for, including a lavish open plan living kitchen and a wow factor two-storey high entrance hall.

Believe it or not they initially only wanted a double garage and an extra bedroom! On first speaking to the couple they seemed a little frustrated that, despite the improvements they had already made to the house, they still didn’t feel happy in it.

Once I sunk my teeth into the project, it became apparent that there was a lot more potential with this house and the couple were keen to explore that. When I last visited the family, they seemed so happy living there and very glad to have turned their ‘ugly duckling’ of a house into a beautiful bespoke home for them all.