Removal Of A Wall To Create A Living Kitchen

Project Description

House renovation to accommodate a living kitchen, cloakroom and utility room.


Mickleover (near Allestree) Derby, Derbyshire. NG3

Building cost

£30,000 including VAT, kitchen and finishes. Built in 2015



Stuart saved us approximately £30,000 by presenting a design that fulfilled our needs without necessitating a house extension. He excelled in optimising our space, and we are thoroughly pleased with the results. Without hesitation, we would recommend his architectural services! With the substantial savings, our current consideration is to invest the £30,000 in a loft conversion. Thanks to Stuart’s expertise, we’ve not only achieved our goals but also found an efficient and cost-effective solution for our space requirements.

Mr Adams, Mickleover, Derby. Date: May 2015



This project began with the homeowner wanting a house extension to make a larger kitchen and asked me to visualise the possibilities. After sinking my teeth into the design, it became apparent that his requirements could be met by altering the house layout without having an extension.

After further discussion with the client, I presented him with two design options; one with and one without the house extension. The clarity the 2D and 3D images gave enabled the client to make an informed decision. He decided to have the larger kitchen without the extension.