Extended Ideas exist to save the world from badly designed home transformations. I help clients make decisions, show them the possibilities, and help bring their living spaces to life. I consult and advise people who can’t or have difficulty visualising their home renovation, extension and remodel projects.

Loft Conversion, Derby

Loft conversion Derby
2D Plan of Loft Conversion
Loft conversion Derby
3D Plan of Loft Conversion
Loft conversion Derby
Internal 3D Visual of Loft Conversion
About this Project

“After our third child, we were desperate for extra space. We soon realised it was going to be either a loft conversion or a new home…”

Mr Harvey, Derby. March 2013


My clients wanted to see what an extra bedroom, with a central bath and en suite would look like in their loft space and whether there was going to be enough light and head height.

Extended Ideas studied and measured the house, we talked through the possibilities and designed a space that maximised the floor area with most ceilings above head height.

Although the roof requires major modifications, the client thinks this may be cheaper than moving to a larger home and the visualisations have been used to get more accurate quotes.

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