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Thinking of extending your house? Would you like to know the top 3 home extension tips? Adhere to them and you will avoid hidden mistakes that so many of us fall for.

I'm Stuart, a UK-registered architect for 7-years and has worked for several architect practices. I fully understand where a homeowner is coming from and I know the hidden tricks to achieve the house extension you truly wish for.

You only have to follow the 3 tips below to reap the rewards:

 Top tip 1 - Saving money

Beware, it's not all as it seems... the seemingly obvious cutbacks you make could be the very ones that save you money!

I will begin to explain...

To save money on a house extension everything needs to be finely tuned, from initial ideas to final completion of the project; consisting of one smooth journey with no problems, no nasty surprises and no retrospective changes. 

It is easy to think that minimising professional services, such as architects and structural engineers, is saving you money but is this the case? This is the part of the budget that contains the people with the skills to plan and prepare your house extension, allowing you to have a smooth journey of construction and, in turn, saving you money. Even on the smallest of builds, these services have a big hidden impact on other costs in a positive way. 


Next... Top tip 2 - Put all your eggs in one basket at your peril!