Ground Floor Renovation With Open Plan Kitchen Diner

Project Description

Garage conversion and part house renovation to create plan kitchen diner.


Shenstone (near Lichfield) Staffordshire. B74

Building cost

£25K including VAT and kitchen island. Built in 2021

Open-plan kitchen diner 1 in Shenstone (near Lichfield) Staffordshire. B74
Open-plan kitchen diner 5 in Shenstone (near Lichfield) Staffordshire. B74

“We have been in our newly renovated living kitchen and garage conversion for nearly 4-months now and I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

Stuart provided 3D plans and visuals of two different design options. One with an extension and the other with a garage conversion. What this helped within my mind was cementing the decision not to extend.

Most people just naturally think I need more space, I’ll extend. This would have been the worst thing, with hindsight, we could have done. If we have had done it blind-sighted and extended. We would have ended up with less garden space and it would all still have been incomplete. Making better use of your existing space is what it’s all about and saves money along the way.

Our home renovation fell within budget and we’re so happy with the outcome.”

Mr Badhams, Shenstone (near Lichfield) Staffordshire. Date:25th Match 2022


The client had problems with the layout of their kitchen diner. I was advised that a radical solution was needed as they were unable to agree on away forward.

I asked key questions in my initial visit to deepen my understanding. The breakfast table was their main bug-bare. They felt it was completely out of place and thought an extension was the only possible solution.

I was also able to ascertain that they were happy to keep the existing kitchen, decorate themselves, convert the garage, and thus save a little.

Following the initial meeting and measuring, I worked on two different designs. One being a house extension and the other being a garage conversion with a re-located utility room and toilet. Both designs had views from wide bi-fold doors energising the garden. I walked them through each one by showing them 3D visuals and plans. Subsequently, they said they could clearly visualise the possibilities and at last make a clear choice.

The whole project took nearly a year. Fortunately, The garage conversion was a permitted development so no need for planning consent.

The client is blissfully happy and so am I.